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Offshore Racing Association announces top 3 finishers for this year’s Great Lakes Championship Series.

Newport, R.I. – October 29, 2015 – The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) announced the winners of the 2015 Offshore Racing Rule Great Lakes Championship Series.  Taking first place was Samuel Nedeau’s Windancer, a Santa Cruz 70.  Over 100 boats qualified for scoring in this year’s series and the winning boats were the top boats in conditions that ranged from light to heavy and close-course racing to distance events. 

  • First Place:  Windancer - USA 52701 – owned by Samuel P. Nedeau
  • Second Place:  Cynthia - USA 6869 – owned by Andrew Grootendorst & James B DeVries
  • Third Place:  Evolution - USA 70  - owned by Terry Kohler & Pete Reichelsdorfer


This was the first year that Windancer and Cynthia were in the top 3 finishers.  “It is really nice to win an award that has some teeth to it,” stated Samuel Nedeau, skipper of Windancer.  “ORR is a true measurement rule and we have always enjoyed racing under a rule that does not have a subjective element.  In my mind, and the mind of our crew, ORR racing is the only option for high-end handicap racing.”

The Great Lakes Championship Series began in 2010 with the Offshore Racing Rule Owners Association (ORROA) in cooperation with the ORA and ORR.  The 2015 Series included:  the Queen’s Cup Race, Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, Bayview Mackinac Race and the Verve Cup.  Races that are included in the Championship Series are not required to run under ORR by race organizers as boats are re-scored as long as they hold a valid ORR certificate.  This allows for a much more inclusive format for cruiser-racers to participate.

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