Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule

For nearly three decades, Peter Reichelsdorfer (Sheboygan, Wis.) has served as an active supporter and leader in the area of offshore ratings on behalf of US Sailing and other organizations.

Peter was a key communicator in his various roles in this aspect of our sport. He facilitated critical negotiations between US Sailing and the ORC regarding ownership of the International Measurement System (IMS) Velocity Prediction Program (VPP). He consistently informed members of developments internationally. Peter has been a huge supporter of the ORR (Offshore Racing Rule) by assisting organizations that provided rule leadership and rule development.

With the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation he helped implement the wind tunnel program to test the effects of heel angle on sail aerodynamics, arranged for the construction of sails, and observed the tests. This was a landmark project that led to a better understanding of the effects of stability on sail boat performance.

Peter was involved in the creation of AMERICAP, served on the committee until 2005 when the name changed to Offshore Racing Rule, and later became ORR Chair. Peter has served as a US Sailing representative to the Offshore Racing Congress since 2006.

He was recognized at the Awards Dinner at US Sailing’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco on November 2.

Here is a list of other positions and roles he has served on over the years:


  • Member of USYRU IMS Implementation Committee
  • Member of US Sailing IMS Committee
  • Chairman of the US Sailing IMS Committee
  • Representative of the United States to the ORC (Offshore Racing Congress)
  • Frequent observer at meetings of the ORC’s International Technical Committee
  • Representative of US Sailing in the Rule Working Party tasked to develop a new grand prix rule with the with the ORC and RORC
  • Chairman of US Sailing’s ORR Committee
  • Co-founder of Sailing Yacht Research Foundation
  • Treasurer of Sailing Yacht Research Foundation.
  • Representative of Windway Capital, parent company of North Sails and Southern Spars.
  • Former Trustee of the US Sailing Foundation
  • Member of US Sailing Presidents Club
  • Past Commodore of University of Wisconsin Hoofer Sailing Club
  • Past Commodore of Sheboygan Yacht Club
  • Past Commodore of Lake Michigan Yacht Racing Federation (LMSRF)
  • Member of Chicago Yacht Club Island Goats Sailing Society
  • Member of Bayview YC Island Goats Association
  • Sailor/skipper on SNC70s Cynosure and Evolution
  • US Navy from 1958 to 1960 as Lt. Engineering Officer
  • Member of North Sails Board of Directors from 1984 to 2010


 Peter Reichelsdorfer

* Peter is pictured left of former US Sailing President Gary Jobson.

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