Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule

The Offshore Racing Rule and the Offshore Racing Association would like to thank all those who participated in the 2012 ORR Great Lakes Championship Series. This was the third consecutive offering in this region.  Those who qualified for the series needed a valid 2012 ORR certificate and must have raced in two of the following races, with one of the two being a Mackinac Race: Queen’s Cup, Bayview Mackinac Race, Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, Little Traverse Yacht Club Annual Regatta, Verve Cup or Bayview Long Distance.


This year’s participants are listed below.  We’ve included Boat Name, Boat Type, Owner’s Name and Final Ranking.


Evolution GL 70 Terry Kohler 1
Natalie J Tp 52 Philip D. O'Neill III 2
Providence Ericson Jerry & Greg Miarecki 3
Fast Tango NA 40 Tim Prophit 4
Pororoca Nelson Marek, Dencho Sloop Gene McCarthy & Bob Zeman 5
Souvenir PT-32 Steve Schiller 6
Details SC-70 Lance Smotherman 7
Power Trip Synergy 1000 James and Paul Kraft 8
nosurprise J-111 David Irish 9
Spirit Walker B&H Vern McCain 10
Eagle Sydney 38 Shawn & Jerry O'Neill 11
Epic Beneteau 42s7 Ray & Winnie Adams 12
Windancer GL 70 John Nedau/ Sam Nedeau 13
Retention LS-10 Mark Croll 14
Tried & True Beneteau First 36.7 Robert K. Foley 14
Majic Sydney 41 William Hoyer 16
Dandelion Heritage Tom Jacobs 17
Stripes SC70 Bill Martin 18
Blue Heaven Sloop John Simons 19
Pterodactyl J-105 Mark Symonds 20
Carinthia J120 Frank Kern 21
Hot Ticket J120 Robert Kirkman 22
Talisman Botin Carkeek Bruce Aikens 22
Chief Beneteau 10R Mike Wolf 24
Split Decision Ben 36.7 Mark Norris 24
Roxy Tartan Don Condit 26
Irresistible Too J120 Gerry & Joanne Hines 27
Grizzly Beneteau 36.7 Charles Bayer, Jr. 28
Ocean Andrews 77 The Yacht Ocean LLC 29
Karizmaddie Catalina 320 Patrick Reynolds-Linda Sadlowski 30
Imedi TransPac 52 Mark Hauf 31
Say Uncle Henderson 30 Kevin Lemonds 32
Intuition S2 9.2A Tom Kershner, Mark Gillespie, Bill Burns, Jenn Macaining 33
Bifrost Masthead Sloop Charles Perkins 34
Bad Dog J/35 Larry Taunt Did not qualify
Endeavour Benteau Oceanis 37 Matthew & Emily Gallagher Did not qualify
Manitou Multihull Fred Ball Did not qualify
Ocean Adventure Ocean  Mid-Life Adventures Inc. Did not qualify
PainKiller GL 36 Joel Carroll Did not qualify
Siochail C&C 35 Mkl Brian Geraghty Did not qualify
Slapshot J/109 Scott Sims Did not qualify
Stella Maris Morgan 38 CB-1 James Hudnut Did not qualify
Sufficient Reason J-122 Mitchell Pdnos Did not qualify
Viper Hunter Legend F William Lasow Did not qualify
West Wind C&C Larry West Did not qualify
Windquest     Did not qualify
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